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BLITZFILM Festival on Tour

A travelling Festival as a Forum of German Shortfilm Culture in China

The BLITZFILM Festival has become an institution for German shortfilm in the East Asian country. BLITZFILM is a platform for the newest developments in the world of the moving image, a clash of cultures, a market for ideas, a place for contacts, interaction and entertainment.

The events have been shaped by the experience with audiences and cooperating partners. This festival has a unique history. The call for the presentation of German short films came from China, and was addressed to filmmakers. After the long foreclosure of the country, there was a strong wish for direct contacts without governmental paternalism.

The booming global power shows an enormous hunger for images. While the universities have a huge output of media specialists, young media artists are looking for friction and competion with works from other countries. The newly risen independent film scene develops its own film language, and has a critical view on the burgeoning development and evolution of Chinese society.

The possibilties in China are a lot bigger, than the reports of western media may suggest. BLITZFILM finds its path between the cultural institutions of the state and the artscene. Screenings take place at Universities ,and at some of the leading museums, as well as in music clubs and art galleries.

BLITZFILM unfolds a kaleidoscope of film genres and contents: Animation and videoart, documentary, short feature films, music clips and experimental film, avantgarde and entertainment, experiment and mainstream...BLITZFILM dives into the depths of film culture to reveal breakthrough and cutting-edge invention, in the world of the moving image.

The works are presented with background information, and in cooperation with musicians and performers. BLITZFILM is an event of contemporary entertainment crossing frontiers of artforms, and of interaction between Western and Chinese musicians.

The festival adjusts to audiences and their interests, with shows that range from big scale open air events to underground screenings in little backstreet galleries, from the Museum of Modern Art to performances for inhabitants of little villages. BLITZFILM wants the mediation of background information and a true exchange for film makers and film lovers. No film is screened without moderation or explanation, and there is no screening without the possibilty of a discussion about the works. Also, workshops and lectures are being offered.

BLITZFILM builds bridges and has organized a series of events with films from the Chinese independent scene in Germany. 2010 was the first time for us to invite Chinese film makers and curators to confront a German audience. Creative artists are often way ahead of government officials by conveying a true and enlightened view on these different societes.

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